What is it all about "free" Media ?

Yes, of course you can find "free" media on the web but you have to go deeper, because most of this stuff is not really free.
No matter what you're looking for, at the present time it becomes more and more difficult to find/get free informations, files or whatever.
We hardly try to give you what we seriously would call "free" media ... as long as we can (or it's possible).

Our Advantages

  • Free information
  • Free images
  • Free music
  • Free videos
  • Free software

There are many sites out there who provide "free" stuff

So why are we doing this ?

It's simple: because we are crazy !
But seriously: as mentioned above we belive in real (!) "free" media and secondary we use this site as our "playground" to test new functions (so please notice that some functions are experimental).



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