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  • Alien vs Predator (Extended Cut)

    AVP: Alien vs. Predator

    Adventure / Science Fiction / Action
    2004 - 101 mn - Canada / Czech Republic / Germany / United Kingdom / United States of America

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Directors : Paul W.S. Anderson

Actors : Sanaa Lathan, Raoul Bova, Ewen Bremner, Colin Salmon, Tommy Flanagan, Joseph Rye, Agathe de La Boulaye, Carsten Norgaard, Sam Troughton, Lance Henriksen, Kieran Bew, Adrian Bouchet, Liz May Brice, Tom Woodruff Jr., Ian Whyte, Petr Jákl ml., Pavel Bezdek, Carsten Voigt, Jan Pavel Filipensky, Eoin McCarthy, Karima Adebibe, Glenn Conroy, Andy Lucas, Joseph Balderrama, Alex Lorre

Synopsis :
When scientists discover something in the Arctic that appears to be a buried Pyramid, they send a research team out to investigate. Little do they know that they are about to step into a hunting ground where Aliens are grown as sport for the Predator race.

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Region : 2

Languages : Italian, English
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